In 2002, Mark and Lori Putnam travelled to Italy for three weeks to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary. Then in 2007 and 2008, Lori was asked to lead workshops in and around the Tuscan hilltown of Cortona for oil artists painting en plein air. [photos of Cortona] They fell in love with the place; the history, the food and wine, the language, the people, and especially the 'slow' lifestyle.

Mark and Lori
Now, we are moving to Italy for seven months to work and live. Lori will be painting every day, and Mark will be finishing a couple of novels, a musical, and a cookbook or two. He has also established relationships with several major wine producers, and will spend time at their vineyards. Friends and family will visit from the US, but most of our time will be spent immersed in the culture, food, music, and language.

Peschici at Night
In September and October we will be in a little town on the Adriatic coast called Peschici (pronounced Pesh'-ki-chee). North and east are the crystal-blue waters of the sea. Inland is the Promontorio Gargano; one the last truly untouched places in Europe. The ferragusto crowds will have left, and the real character of the place will be ours to discover. [photos of Peschici]

Through the winter we will be in Eggi (pronouned Ed'-jee), a little borgo in the heart of Umbria. A short walk (3km) from our stone farmhouse, down the valley, throught silvery olive groves, is the town of Spoleto where we will shop for Lori's art supplies, and bottles of the local sangratino wine.

In April, 2009, Lori will be leading a workshop in cinque terre. If you would like to participate, please visit