Category: Artist Tool

Update: Apr 10, 2013

Current Version: 2.1

Size: 1.2 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mark Putnam

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 or later

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ValueViewer is an indespensible tool for artists who paint from life. Whether "en plein air" or in the studio, ValueViewer will allow the user to take a photo of their subject, view it in grayscale, or posterize it into two or three values. You may also select an existing image directly from a photo album on your iPhone or iPad. Controls let you adjust the light, mid-tone, and dark area of your image to "key" your painting correctly, and assist in helping you "see" value, even in the most unforgiving light. The image can be zoomed in and out, scrolled, and rotated into position to help you find just the right composition for your painting. Convenient adjustable 'frame' overlays help you crop the image to fit your canvas, and grids can be displayed to help you transfer the image to your canvas.

Fixed a few bugs that caused the controls to misalign or disappear when rotating the device. Also, improved compatibility with iPods. Plus these great new features...

• a native iPad interface, as well as an improved one for iPhone
• improved Controls that let you to manage the image in ways never before possible,
• hide/show Controls to reveal as much of the screen as possible,
• a 'Notan' mode that displays your image in pure black and white,
• independently adjustable Center Point and Gray Bandwidth in the Levels mode with micro-increment stepper controls,
• touch-screen control to pan, zoom, or free-rotate the current image, or rotate the source image 90°,
• a Locked mode that prevent the screen from being altered once you have placed the image perfectly,
• the modified image can be Saved to a photo album on the device,
• a Frame that crops the image can be adjusted to exact dimensions,
• a Grid that overlays the image with Proportional Rectangles, the Golden Ratio, or Squares,
• a comprehensive Help screen to remind you of how to use the many great features of the ValueViewer, and
• much More!

An unaltered image taken with the iPhone camera.

The image zoomed in a little, converted to three values (black, gray, white), "keyed" to showed distinct value masses, cropped and scrolled to fit a standard canvas, over-laid with a proportional grid, with the on-screen controls hidden.

An unaltered image taken with the iPad camera.

The image converted to three values (black, gray, white), "keyed" to showed distinct value masses, cropped and scrolled to fit a standard canvas, overlaid with a square grid.