Category: Education

Update: TBD

Current Version: 1.0

Size: 1.2 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mark Putnam

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 or later

Coming soon to the Apple iTunes store.

With the help of nationally-recognized educators, we are developing a new teaching environment that is easy enough for a toddler to use, but powerful enough to accommodate sophisticated materials. This app will harness the convenience of your smart phone to make learning fun, exciting, and (most of all) truly meaningful. Our goal is to build a tool that will engage young learners, and prepare them for life-long learning.

The Essentials of Music Theory is the first product released for the LIAF environment. Over 1000 symbols, expressions, key signatures, chords, and essential musical concepts are presented in a sequence that builds understanding, and helps learners apply what they learn to their daily practice and performance. This app is ideal for the beginning music student, but also useful fro those who are preparing for university studies, or even graduate exams.

Beginning music students will learn to identify hundreds of important music symbols.

As a student progresses, they will be challenged with audio clues, and more-demanding cognitive tasks. With LIAF, new material is only introduced when a student shows mastery of a concept, and all new material is built on prior learning.