ValueViewer for iPhone   [Buy it at the Apple iTunes store.]

ValueViewer is an indespensible tool for artists who paint from life. Whether en plein air or in the studio, ValueViewer will allow the use to take a photo of their subject, view it in grayscale, or posterize it into three values. [more...]

QUALocator® for iPhone

QUALocator® is the marketing-research industry's newest and most comprehensive online search and comparison resource for qualitative research facilities and related technology providers - which was developed in collaboration with the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). [more...]

TNTESOL Conferences for iPhone

TNTESOL Conferences is a free application that displays upcoming Tennessee TESOL and Tennessee TESOL-related conference information including dates, locations, contact and registration information, conference schedules, presentation abstracts, and more. [more...]

Build111, Church111, and Agent111 for iPhone   [Buy it at the Apple iTunes store.]

Coming soon! A powerful app engineered to work hand-in-hand with the dynamic content management systems developed by ICGLink, Inc. This suite of products delivers content from a user's organizational website, and is available free to members. Visit to learn more about how your business, church, or real estate agency can benefit from the services we offer. Watch this space for more information.

Learn-In-A-Flash mobile learning systems  

Coming soon! The Essentials of Music Theory.   With the help of nationally-recognized educators, we are developing a new teaching environment that is easy enough for a toddler to use, but powerful enough to accommodate sophisticated materials. This app will harness the convenience of your smart phone to make learning fun, exciting, and (most of all) truly meaningful. Our goal is to build a tool that will engage young learners, and prepare them for life-long learning. [more...]

Music Theory Flashcards for iPhone and iPad

Coming soon! The first installment is a series of educational apps. Music Theory Flashcards is an engaging game that uses thousands of electronic flashcards to teach about music theory. The materials are carefully graded, and sequenced so that learning is fun and fast. This app is great for students just starting to study music, but also for experienced musicians who want to deepen their understanding of music theory. Watch this space for more information.

SightWords for iPhone

SightWords is a literacy game designed to engage early English language learners. The user is challenged to drag correct letters into position to spell a word within an allotted amount of time. Audio and spelling clues help when the user is stumped. The game continues through three progressively-more-difficult levels. [more...]